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MADRID, 9 November 2019

This afternoon, at 7:00 pm, in the independent bookstore Sin Tarima Libros I will have the pleasure, the responsibility and the pride of presenting the book “A world against the Walls”. A collective work, in which I wrote a chapter on aporophobia, referring to the great work of Professor Adela Cortina. On the day that marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we would like to talk about a world without walls, about countries that do not surround their borders with wires, about politicians who do not use fear and ignorance to foster hate and violence. But the reality is not this. And precisely because it is urgent, today more than ever, to combat the dominant narration of fear, division, and discrimination, that spaces such as these promoted and promoted by Sodepaz Solidaridad Desarrollo, Caravana Abriendo Fronteras, BDS Madrid, and Desarma Madrid, are of vital importance.

If you are in Madrid, do not miss it. If you are not, spread among your contacts.

Spanish version here:

English version here:


ITALY,  November 2019

The Centro e Rivista Confronti It has given me the possibility of publishing in the number  11 – 2019. the investigation of the migrant and refugee Venezuelan women’s deaths abroad. I am deeply grateful to Claudio Paravati for having welcomed with commitment  and interest the possibility of this collaboration


ITALY, 31 October 2019

Thanks to  AMIStaDeS, a platform of studies, analysis and geopolitical reflection for having published my article on the Bolivian situation after the elections held in the country on October 20. The article (in Italian) is available in this link  – Bolivia ed Evo Morales: un binomio che dura da 14 anni


ITALY, 24 October 2019

Presentations throughout all Italy for the twenty-ninth edition of the Immigration Statistical Dossier, carried out by IDOS – Center for Studies and Research on Immigration with the Study Center and Magazine Confronti and support of Otto per Mille Valdese – Union of Methodist and Waldensian churches.

A big Pride for me, to have written about Latin America in this wonderful project – “Migrating from the North Triangle to the USA: a caravan of dreams and hope against the wall of Donald Trump”


MILAN, 20 October 2019

On Radio Popolare my speech to help Italian people to better understand what is going on in  Chile


MILAN, 19 October 2019

On Radio Popolare my speech to help Italian people to better understand what is going on in  Cataluña


Link – Quasi 200 donne migranti venezuelane sono morte nel silenzio

ITALY –  16 October 2019

Thanks to the organization Il Grande Colibrì for giving space to this investigation that denounces the cases of Venezuelan migrant and refugee women, killed abroad. As Bachelet wrote in his July 4, 2019 report, women in Venezuela are still suffering in a harder and more terrible way, the complex humanitarian crisis facing the country. My duty as an academic and activist for human rights is not to forget them.



CARACAS – 15 October 2019

Confirmed my participation in the LXIX convention of ASOVAC (Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Science) to be held from November 20 and 22 at the Andrés Bello Catholic University. I will participate by presenting my research on the cases of Venezuelan migrant and refugee women killed abroad, in a space that I myself have helped organize: Cyber Sesión sobre la Diáspora: una mirada interdisciplinar sobre el fenómeno”


Link to the webinar

Link to the webinar

MADRID –  2 October  2019

Great satisfaction by the webinar made together with Social Change School in which we talked about how to build a professional career in the humanitarian sector. Don’t miss the recording of the event. A free ad hoc class with great professionals from the sector such as Tirso Puig de la Bellacasa and Alessandro Zito.


Link to the article

WASHINGTON –  1 October 2019

Today in Caracas Chronicles, the Director of the Department of Social Inclusion of the OEA in Washington, Betilda Muñoz Pogossian, released the research I carried out this summer together with the lawyer Jassir Heredia Blanco on the gender impact in the Venezuelan diaspora. I cannot hide the satisfaction and pride for such a result.



ITALY – 19 September 2019

Thanks to journalist Marco Bova and Agi – Agenzia Italia to for having also shared in Italy the news of the dramatic situation that sees as victims the migrant and refugee Venezuelan women.


BOGOTÁ –  17 September 2019

Interview released to UN Radio – UNIMEDIOS, (the radio of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Sitio Oficial) in the program UN Análisis (Franja Internacional)  to talk about the actual political situation in Italy.
Bogotá frequency – Program registration:http://unradio.unal.edu.co/nc/detalle/cat/un-analisis-franja-internacional/article/17-de-septiembre-16.html

Interview from minute 17:40 to mnute 24:31


CARACAS –  16 September 2019

Today I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Sociologist Tomás Páez on the Radio Caracas Radio program “La Voz de la diáspora” to talk about my research published by El País on September 4. Here you can find the recording of the interview (1 hour) and on this link, the research published by El País: https://elpais.com/elpais/2019/09/02/planeta_futuro/1567434636_760205.html


BOGOTÁ –  10 September 2019

Interview released to UN Radio – UNIMEDIOS, (the radio of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Sitio Oficial) in the program UN Análisis (Franja Internacional)  to talk about the research published by El País telling the tragedy of Venezuelan women who find death outside their country.
Bogotá frequency – Program registration: http://unradio.unal.edu.co/nc/detalle/cat/un-analisis-franja-internacional/article/10-de-septiembre-15.html

Interview from minute 34:40 to minute 42:18



MADRID –  4 September 2019

This summer I did a research project on the gender impact in the Venezuelan diaspora. I produced a map showing the cases of Venezuelan migrant and refugee women killed abroad. Today, El País published it.

If you are part of organizations, magazines or media in general, interested in funding, disseminating or collaborating on the project, please contact me at this email: dbattist@inst.uc3m.es.



CECINA – from 4 to 7 September 2019

After a long American parenthesis, I start again with the appointments in Italy. See you in Cecina from 4 to 7 September at the MIA – International Antiracist Meeting. A meeting not to be missed with workshops, exhibitions, practical exercises, conferences, work tables and much more. My activities are scheduled on the 6th and 7th from 15h00 to 16h30, but I advise you not to miss anything of this important and historic appointment with the solidarity: an appointment that celebrates 25 years of presence on the territory!

Download the program here and sign up for the activities!



ROME – 31 July 2019

It starts today a new and stimulating challenge as Director of the Course for International Careers that will take place within the International Careers Festival in Rome.

Thanks to the association  Giovani nel Mondo to trust me – http://www.giovaninelmondo.org/it/ – Carriere Internazionali

I will wait for you in Rome!

Wake UP, move your idea!!



PADUA- 30 May 2019

Happy and honored to be able to talk about the situation of Venezuela in a prestigious space as the one organized by the University of Padua and its department of Political Sciences, Legal and International Studies . The meeting is open to all, in the beautiful setting of the Ruzante Theater. Do not miss it! https://ilbolive.unipd.it/it/event/venezuela


MADRID – 22 and 23 May 2019

A pleasure to have the possibility to teach one more time to the students of Master en Acción Solidaria Internacional y de Inclusión Social at University Carlos III in Madrid.


ROME – 6, 7 and 8 May 2019

A pleasure to be invited to the Roma Tre University to share what I have learned about the Venezuelan situation during these years of academy and field work as a humanitarian worker. A responsibility and a commitment to represent the “Francisco de Vitoria” Institute of International and European Studies of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, presenting the current situation in Venezuela regarding Migration and Asylum Seekers.


MADRID – 03 April  2019

My article on the battle of Domenico Lucano and the Riace project, published in the “V Culture of Peace notebook ” of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and sponsored by UNESCO  – “Migraciones, Seguridad y derecho: Una relación compleja en busca de un difícil equilibrio”

I feel an immense joy in having given my contribution to this book.

Download the publication for free from the link below.



TURIN –  18 March 2019

Today begins the online course that I will carry out with ONG 2.0 “PROFESSIONE COOPERANTE: da dove cominciare.”

Dates: March 18 and 25, April 1 (from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm).

The central focus will be the tools to be oriented in the sector and, above all, we will provide the participants with a “compass” that will allow them to capture the multiple job opportunities. During the sessions, we will learn how and where to find job offers, how to establish the appropriate methods to approach the organizations of the sector and how to improve the different “routes” of each participant.

For information and registration click on the following link:


ROME – 17 March 2019

In #Rome, invited by Social Change School to teach Conflict Negotiation to the students of the master in Project Cycle Management (PCM). It is always a great pleasure sharing knowledge with students that are learning and improving themself, to built tomorrow a better world for everyone of us. #Socialchangeschool make the difference.



ROME  – from 9 to 12 March 2019

A beautiful and intense experience in Rome, working as an International Career Coach and Faculty Advisor in the tenth edition of the International Career Festival, celebrated last week. In these pictures I’m with a group of participants of the International Career Course where I have talkeed about International cooperation and also about Conflict Negotiation in No Profit Sector.
I really want to say thanks to all these incredible students coming all over around the world that share with me their ambitions, purposes and dreams. Was a privilege for me met you in this event in #Rome.

#Training #internationalcareerfestival #Coaching #Mentoring#internationalcooperation #students

#Africa #Asia #america #Europa#sharing


ROME – 5 March  2019

See you from 9 to 12 March in #Roma to talk about job opportunities in the international cooperation sector at the 10th edition of the International Careers Festival


See you in #Rome talking about Job opportunities in international cooperation sector

ROME – 26 February 2019

Back to SIOI “Destination World”, a training opportunity to foster the professional growth of young resources in the field of international relations and in a context of excellence.
The event, which takes place periodically in Rome at the SIOI headquarters, was conceived as a tool to guide young people on the potential that the International Relations sector can offer in terms of work, training and education.
On this occasion we will talk about Diplomatic Career, International Cooperation and Italy-USA exchanges.


TURIN – 21 February 2019

A free webinar is coming with tips and advices for those who are looking for a job or want to take their first steps in the world of international cooperation. I will be connected live and ready to respond to doubts and questions about cooperation! Participating is free, just sign up here: http://www.ong2zero.org/blog/corsi/webinar-gratuito-vorrei-cooperante-21-febbraio-2019/


CHIAVENNA – 26 January 2019

Local press is presenting my book: “Vorrei fare il cooperante. Come trasformare un sogno in una professione” uscito su Centro Valle Giornale di Sondrio

Buy your copy of the book on Graphofeel editions website:



PISA – 18 December 2018

On the occasion of the International Migrant Day 2018, I participated in an event promoted and organized by CISP – Centro Interdisciplinare Scienze per la Pace – UNIPI , l’ Unità Migranti in ItaliaMovimento dei Focolari Italia and Associazione Salus

It is necessary to start from the territory, to organize hope and to make our voice heard in a moment in which it advances, without stopping, a banality of the evil that we have already known in the past.

“Fraternity is not a principle, it is a life’s style”


ROME – 13 December 2018

Video interview in Rome, realized by Diego Maria Ierna,  co-founder of Job4good for the launch of my guide for those who want to work in international cooperation sector, ebook version


ROME – 13 December 2018

Beautiful projects ended, projects that contribute to claim the fundamental role played by women in history. Today for the first time I met in #Roma, Dr. Maddalena Celano, a tireless human rights activist and author of these two volumes that I hold in my hands. These books represent an act of revolutionary justice against the figure of Manuela Saenz Aizpuro, the one who accompanied Simon #Bolivar in the long struggle for the liberation of much of South America, from the Spanish colonial yoke. Participating in this project as a Latin American expert and giving my contribution to the translation of the correspondence between the two revolutionary lovers, filled me with pride and satisfaction. Thanks to Maddalena for her efforts to bring #Italia a bit of that continent that I love so much.

#ManuelaSaenz #SimonBolivar #AmericaLatina #Ecuador

Manuela Sáenz: l’altro volto dell’Indipendenza ispanoamericana: Simón Bolívar e Manuela Sáenz: corrispondenza  intima,ISBN: 978-6202086035 – Edizioni Accademiche Italiane, agosto 2018)

Manuela Sáenz Aizpuru. Il femminismo rivoluzionario oltre Simón Bolívar, ISBN 9788899913571 – ARAS edizioni, 2018


ROME – 12 and 13 December  2018

Two intense days at SIOI, together with the students of the #Master in International Relations and Human Rights Protection, speaking and talking about the great themes of our time: #Migrations and Human Rights and #Business and Human Rights.

It was really inspiring to see so many young people ready to become dynamizers of another possible world.

#HumanRights #Rome #Sioi #unaitaly #training #thirdsector


PISA – 5 December  2018

A really intense day yesterday in #Pisa, a day in which I was able to met incredible people who spend every day to make Italy a better place. Thanks to Wahiba Bessakta, president of the Unità Migranti in Italia, to Rocco Altieri, a great intellectual, a master of non-violence and director of the Gandhi Center, to Umberto Mugnaini, an international activist, a social businessman and a citizen committed to the local territory, and finally to William Frediani, with whom I could spend little time but of great quality and intensity. Days like yesterday remind me of the importance of networking, of creating active resistance to the new threats of this Italy that seems to be drifting. I would like to point out to you 3 books from these friends that I recommend you go and look for in the bookstores.


E-book for people who wants join the international cooperation sector


Buy it here, (click to open the publisher page)

ROME – 30 November 2018

It is with pride, satisfaction and also a certain emotion that I share with you this project realized with:

ONG 2.0  – read the article writed by Silvia Pochettino, clik here

Social Change School – read the article writed by Marco Crescenzi, clik here

“An agile and up-to-date guide for those wishing to enter the world of international cooperation. All the information needed to choose the most effective training, to orientate among NGOs, to fully understand the concrete prospects of a fascinating and rich profession growth opportunities. ”

Buy the book for 6.99 euros on the website of Graphofeel edizioni


MADRID – 23 November 2018

A pleasure to return to Madrid and be able to talk about Migration Human Rights in the Máster en Acción Solidaria Internacional y de Inclusión Social – UC3M of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Thanks to the “Francisco de Vitoria” Institute for inviting me and a wonderful group of students to be so attentive and participatory  throughout the session.


SAN SALVADOR – 01 November 2018

Today I had the opportunity to give a conference in the Faculty of Law of the Utec Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador , talking about important issues in the era in which we live as are migrations and human rights. Thanks to Professor Sandra Majano for inviting me and all the students present. Another world is possible!



SAN SALVADOR – 25 October 2018

Aqui os dejo el programa radio de la noche del jueves 25 de octubre, Sembrando Futuro, en el que pude conversar sobre ODS, Cooperación Interancional, Migracion y Derechos Humanos. Gracias a la UCA El Salvador y al Instituto de Derechos Humanos de la UCA – Idhuca para la invitación y a YSUCA 91.7 FM para ofrecerme este espacio. Ha sido un placer coincidir con Maria Luisa, Marielos, Karen, Eneco y Martin.



MIAMI – 01 October  2018

From today you can also find me among the allies of the American and Venezuelan NGO Un Grano de Arena

I’m trying to contribute with my ” grain of sand” to build a more just, equal and equitable world.



SAN JOSÉ (Costa Rica) – From 24 September  to 4 October 2018

I have been selected to participate in XXXVI curso interdisciplinario en Derechos Humanos in San José de Costa Rica for the Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos – IIDH. I’m proud to be able to participate in this privileged space with more than 100 Latin American experts in Human Rights.



MADRID –  15 September 2018

Now I can officially share the news: I have received and accepted a new assignment that fills me with enthusiasm and gratification: International Director for the Americas.

A new challenge begins! Thanks to Social Change School for the confidence shown to me, (especially to the president and friend Marco Crescenzi). I feel that I am given an important responsibility and at the same time a great opportunity that allows me to combine two strong passions: training in the field of cooperation and Latin America.


It is with great satisfaction that I share the number 12 of the REIB (Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana) edited by CEIB – Centro de Estudios de Iberoamérica URJC where I have been able to write an article with Jassir Heredia about the “New Venezuelan Immigration Reality”. The “Venezuela issue” is still current and worrisome and I hope with this academic contribution to have helped to understand this new migratory phenomenon that transcends the Latin American borders.


QUITO –  07 September 2018

A pleasure to share this space with the students of the “especialización en abogacía del estado del IAEN – La Universidad de Posgrado del Estado”. Thanks to  Natalia Mora for the invitation.


QUITO –  28 August  2018

Special day today where I could be part of the splendid space called “Gudstock Blues” on Radio Cultura FM 100.9 and Radio CCE 940 AM. We have obviously talked about #Blues and the power of the social transformation of music, how, thanks to her, I can discover many worlds and how it helps us become more supportive, more inclusive and more empathetic. Thanks to Paola Brunner for the invitation and to all the people who have shared together this wonderful hour of programming.


QUITO – 17 August 2018
It is an incredible pleasure to coincide once again with Pablo Fajardo, a human rights defender who for two decades has been fighting for justice in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here we are in Quito, in the building of the UDAPT (Unión de Afectados y Afectadas por las Operaciones Petroleras de Texaco). Behind us the case files of the process against Chevron – Texaco, already condemned to pay for the damages caused in the provinces of Sucumbios and Orellana. We continue to fight for the comprehensive reparation of the areas affected by the activities of the US oil company and for claim the accomplish 2013 ruling that condemned the same company to the payment of 9.5 billion dollars. With us Jorge Aguilar expert in human rights, cooperation and safeguard of environment.


Link of the lesson – Blog Social Change School

MADRID –  23 June 2018

Another great day in Madrid with Social Change School, teaching “Conflict Transformation”.
Such a good group formed by students attending Masters Hope, Frame and PCM.
Thanks to all.


Link to the Ranking: http://www.elmundo.es/especiales/mejores-masters/

MADRID –  20 June 2018

What better farewell to the coordination of the Máster en Acción Solidaria Internacional y de Inclusión Social – UC3M than to see it for the second consecutive year awarded as the best Master of cooperation in Spain according to the ranking of the newspaper El Mundo. I am happy to have been part of this project in the last 3 years and proud to leave such a prestigious heritage. For me it closes a cycle started in 2015 and opens a new path of challenges and overcoming.


MADRID – 07 June 2018 

Today speaking of Latin America in the seminar of “formation before the departure” to the people selected to participate in the international volunteer program of the public universities of Madrid 2018.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Oficial)
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universidad de Alcalá
Comunidad de Madrid


ITALY –  05 June 2018

A letter of mine, written to Italy on the occasion of the celebration of the Republic on 2 June, was published in the newspaper LA REPUBBLICA in the column of the recognized journalist Concita de Gregorio – Link

With Fernando, Paula and Aitor

MADRID –  31 May 2018

Today at the Carlos III University of Madrid I had the pleasure of moderating an exceptional event in which, after the screening of the movie A Perfect Day we were able to talk with the director of the same, Fernando León of Aranoa and with two protagonists of the Spanish Humanitarian Action: Paula Farias and Aitor Zabalgogeazkoa. The first is the author of the novel “Dejarse Llovoer” on which the film is based, as well as being former president of Doctor Without Borders Spain (MSF) and former coordinator of rescue operations in the Mediterranean of MSF (with the ship Dignity). For his part, Aitor is the former CEO of MSF and has just returned from Syria after having managed MSF operations in that country for the past 5 years.

An event that has closed the 19th edition of the Master in International Solidarity Action and Social Inclusion and that for the personal side has closed a chapter lasted more than two years in the academic coordination of it. Various feelings accompany me on this day and the only thing I can say now is thanks.


Download here your copy in  PDF https://es.calameo.com/read/000047932726614532ab7

MADRID – 25 May  2018

It is with great satisfaction that I share with you the Nº8 of the Revista Innovamos, a magazine of educational divulgation in which I had the pleasure of making a contribution, interviewing the founder and president of the NGO Un Grano de Arena, the expert in Intercultural Human Rights, Jassir Heredia, who presents the new educational project of the organization: the mobile library “El Principito” (the Little Prince).
Article on p. 8 and 9.



Madrid 24 May 2018 – Salón de Actos of the university residence “Fernando de los Rios”

MADRID –  24 May 2018

On May 24 I  had the pleasure of leading the “Youth Cooperating” Conference, a space in which we shared testimonies of social commitment and international solidarity through the presentations of the representatives of 9 different organizations in which young people play a role of protagonists.

More info here: link