My Portfolio


As a LECTURER and TRAINER I have given courses, workshops, and seminars on the following topics:

  • Migration and Asylum Seekers’ internationally and with particular attention to Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Human Rights;
  • Businesses and Human Rights;
  • Indigenous Peoples;
  • Conflict Transformation;
  • Chevron-Texaco case in the Ecuadorian Amazon;
  • International cooperation;
  • Job orientation for the international cooperation sector;
  • Career Service and Mentoring for International Careers;
  • Peace Agreements in Colombia;
  • Venezuelan migration crisis;
  • Migratory flux from Central America to the USA.

In the following institutions / organizations / courses






SIOI (Associazione Italiana per le Nazioni Unite – UNA Italia)


ONG 2.0


Others seminars, conferences and lessons:



As a RESEARCHER I have created/been involved in the following academic work.

– Creation of an interactive map on “cases of deaths abroad of Venezuelan migrant and refugee women“. Research conducted within the academic space of the Institute of International and European Studies “Francisco de Vitoria”, initially published by the Spanish newspaper El País on September 4, 2019, and subsequently replicated by the press of Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, and Italy.

– Participation in the collective book: “V cuaderno Cultura de Paz” edited in april 2019 by Institute of International and European Studies  “Francisco de Vitoria” of University Carlos III of Madrid in partner with UNESCO –  Migraciones, Seguridad y derecho: una relación compleja en busca de un difícil equilibrio – with the article at pag. 69 “Riace no ha muerto, Riace se ha multiplicado: la lucha de un acalde en favor de los derechos humanos “. ISBN: 978-84-15270-44-7 

– Participation in the volume 12 – 2018 of the REIB (Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana) edited by CEIB – Centro de Estudios de Iberoamérica URJC with the academic article entitled “Nueva Realidad Migratoria Venezolana”. ISSN 1988 – 0618

– Participation in the collective book: Empresas y Derechos Humanos ISBN: 978-84-9197-028-6 – Editions Thomson Reuters ARANZADI / 2018 with the chapter “Chevron-Texaco y el Chernobyl amazónico” ( chapt. XVIII).

– Referee as an expert in Latin American issues, for the doctoral thesis “MANUELA SAENZ AIZPURU: myth and icon of revolutionary feminism” – University of Rome “Tor Vergata” 2017/2018. In this thesis I have taken care of supervising and refining the translation of the exchanged epistles between Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz. This work has been published in two different books:

– Participation in the number 126 of the magazine “Tiempo de Paz” entitled DEFENSORAS Y DEFENSORES DE DERECHOS HUMANOS, with the article on p. 63 “Defendiendo la dignidad humana en el otro lado del Mediterráneo.Yvan Sagnet y la red NoCap”. /2017 

– Coordination of the collective book: “El acuerdo de Paz entre el gobierno de Colombia y las Farc” ISBN: 978958676700-2 – Editions doctrina y ley – University Libre (Bogotá) and UC3M (Madrid) /2017. In the same book, I’m the writer of the chapter: “Refugio y Explotación Sexual: El caso de las mujeres colombianas en la frontera norte de Ecuador.” 

– The academic article, “Perché studiare “scienze per la pace”?, published  in the magazine Scienza e Pace of the University of Pisa, 2014 / Vol 5, N° 2 – ISSN 2039-1749

– Participation in the book Our school is the whole world: stories of migration and integration by Cristiana Vettori and published by the Gandhi Center – Quaderni Satyagraha n. 19, 2011 – ISBN: 978-88-7500-027-1

And also I have been INTERVIEWED and  PUBLISHED on




As a COORDINATOR, I count with the following experience:

  • Director of the course for the Internationals Careers  – ICF ROME /2020
  • Coordinator of the project: Mapa de Mujeres Venezolanas Migrantes y Refugiadas Muertas en el Extranjero /2019
  • Academic Coordinator of the Máster en Acción Solidaria Internacional y de Inclusión Social of the University Carlos III of Madrid / 2016, 17, 18
  • Coordinator of the internship program of the Máster en Acción Solidaria Internacional y de Inclusión Social of the Carlos III University of Madrid / 2016, 17, 18
  • Coordinator of the III International Congress “ODS, DDHH and Desafíos de la Solidaridad” celebrated in the Universidad Carlos III and sponsored by the Institute of International Studies and y European “Francisco de Vitoria” / 2017
  • Coordinator of the collective work “El acuerdo de Paz entre el gobierno de Colombia y las FARC” – Editions Doctrina y Ley, 450 pp. ISBN: 978-958-676-700-2 / 2017
  • Coordinator of the communication area of the “Línea 1800 refugio” project, funded by UNHCR and implemented by the NGO, FAS – Fundación Ambiente y Sociedad / 2015
  • Coordinator of programs to support the refugee population (financed by the UNHCR) of the NGO, FAS – Fundación Ambiente y Sociedad in the province of Santos Domingo de los Tsáchilas (Ecuador) / 2014,2015
  • Coordinator of the NGO office, FAS – Fundación Ambiente y Sociedad in Santos Domingo de los Tsáchilas (Ecuador) / 2014
  • Blogger on ” Civis Mundi – Diego Battistessa”  from 2014 until today
  • Regional Coordinator (Tuscany) of the activities of the Italian NGO ASSEFA / 2010,11,12,13


As a CONSULTANT, I count with the following experiences:

  • Consultant for the Spanish Institute of Higher Education TQM – 2018
  • Consultant for the management training school for Non-profit , Social Change School – 2017/18
  • Consultant in Venezuela and USA for the NGO “Un Grano de Arena”  – 2016/17/18
  • Consultant for the Italian association WOTS – 2014/15/16/17
  • Consultant for Oxfam Italia / UNHCR Ecuador – 2014